The BIG HEARTS project

Every once in a while somebody– and that somebody is often me– pines for a Good News Chanel to counter all the regular news which happens to be bad news.

What makes bad news more newsworthy than good news? What is worth more?

I know some of you will say to me “Hey, you in your privileged little world. You who think you are unaffected by all the suffering everywhere when really so much of that suffering happens so that you can go on shop shop shopping and cappuccinoing and watching your shows. You want to block out all of that misery and turn the happy music up.”

Well, no, that isn’t what I’m suggesting. I actually believe it is unfair to showcase merely the bad news when there, too, is joy, beauty and good stories everywhere. It isn’t honest to paint a culture or a people or an individual as all one thing. That type of representation others others, and perpetuates stereotypes and pushes the extremes of what we feel safe in calling ‘all good’ or ‘all bad’ when really it is just different than what we are used to.

I was bummed out lying on the couch one morning, when this little sprite brought me a gift to lift my spirits: the old underwear on the head, a surefire heart warmer.
I was bummed out lying on the couch one morning when this little sprite brought me a gift to lift my spirits: the old underwear-on-the-head, a surefire heart warmer.

Even if this is just for me (Winter is coming, I’m going to need this) I want to spend a little time with the bits of beauty and kind-heartedness that is everywhere. I thought we could collect stories and photos of generous act of caring for each other and hold onto them for a few minutes a day.

Here you are again, now saying, “Hey, there are tonnes of people already documenting this. This is nothing new. Look at this link here.” Well, I know that. Nothing is ever new, just new arrangements and forms. But everyone should be able to be a part of a process themselves, not just of a product. There is room for all of this and that.

So, if you, too, want to see little of these bits of beauty, and feel some softness in your heart, or you want to spend some time looking for these acts of THE BIG HEARTS yourself, share what you find with me from far and wide– from the expected to the completely unexpected. Email me and I’ll upload. Maybe we can even make a little website if we gather enough BIG HEART stories.

Wouldn’t it be neat if you and I started doing these types of BIG HEARTed actions, too?




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