2-way: Childrens’ and Seniors’ Conversations (Radio program)

2-way: Children and Seniors’ Conversations is where Guelph kids, Grades 4-6 from Wellington Hall Academy, talk with Seniors from Riverside Glen Retirement Home about life, getting killed, dating, KFC, firecrackers, school, the best colours, best friends, lost friends, regrets and the afterlife.
The show is produced by Dawn Matheson.

The PROMO launch is WEDNESDAY June 7 at 3pm for 30 minutes…
Listen to it here:

then the full interviews run Thursdays at 2pm starting June 8 on CFRU.ca 93.3 in GUELPH for THREE consecutive Thursdays. I”ll archive them here as well, after they air.

I produced this program with the kids who learned how to interview (though, their candid questions were already tops), audio record and some even editing. Great recording help from Jenny Mitchell and her Mobile Studio, Andrea Pateveri, and Kim Logue from CFRU Radio. Thanks to Mrs Huntley and Steven Huntley from Wellington Hall, and Meghan Connelly from Riverside Glen!
Look at these darlings:

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  • What a rewarding experience for both those students and seniors….thoughtful conversations about things that matter to both young and old. Learning about what’s relevant to each other…and talking and listening in real time.
    Hope that those important visits will resume sooner than later in senior facilities……they have really been isolated during these very difficult times..

    • Thanks so much for that great feedback Martha! I am just about to embark on another similar project linking seniors living in poverty with youth living in poverty.

  • This is a wonderful project. You can hear how much both young and old enjoyed it. Delightful … and insightful!

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