How To Draw A Tree- a project about trees, creativity and mental health // Lead Artist


I usually collaborate with humans for all of my public art projects. That doesn’t work during COVID, so luckily I have another big group of friends who save my life on the daily: trees.

I am building a project connecting trees with mental health and creativity which will result in a SOUND WALK up at the beautiful Arboretum at University of Guelph in 2022. We are matchmaking trees and humans for lifelong reciprocal friendships. After all, we are both in crisis- mental illness crisis and climate crisis. We can help each other.

Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts (Research), and The Ontario Arts Council (Media Production), the many collaborators on this team and the Arboretum’s smart staff for partnering with me.

To learn more about this project HOW TO DRAW A TREE: have a listen to the lovely and smart byron murray who interviewed me (by surprise- I thought I was interviewing him) for his REALLY GREAT radio show “to know the land.”

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Saturday, Sept. 11, 11AM – Noon
Myself and the very diverse TREE team (arborists, eco-psychologist, Jesuit, Indigenous elder, tree planter, medical psychotherapist, eco-acoustic artist.. ) will be talking about this project- the process so far and the larger community engagement we are developing. PLEASE COME!



Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts Research grant and the Ontario Arts Council Media Arts Production Grant